Why is Oh Blimey, todays guest at DISSLIKE, „trying to rap? Ain’t she got shit to do, like getting married and stuff?“ We don’t know and we don’t care as long as „Lindsay Lohan’s ugly sister“, who looks like „fat Macklemore“ keeps up her good work as the sweetest „boner killer“ we know. Thanks for everything, „Poptart“!

„She reminds me on Missy Elliott. But I think it’s just because she’s overweight, can’t be the music.“


There was a time, when the gods of pop still lived in the olymp – completely out of reach for the ordinary fan, who had to write messages on transparents at a concert or letters to some PO box to get in touch with their idols. Today, all you need is the right #hashtag – because many artists, actors and celebrities actually do read what someone else has to say about them. From couch critic to love-crazed groupie – now a guard can‘t keep a fan away from their star.

One comment may shatter an artist‘s carefully constructed image and digital ego. And isn‘t this kind of commentary poetry an artistic effort itself, sometimes even more creative than the idol‘s output?

DISSLIKE confronts artists and other celebrities with the finest selection from their treasure chest of comments. Ruthlessly dug up and brutally presented – a PR manager won‘t be any help. Only
on Hyperbole you‘ll see who‘s a knock out act and who‘s trying hard to hide their tears.

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